Our own Nilotica Shea Butter is much better than that of West Ghana due to its oils, minerals and various vitamins.

Buying a beauty product is even more than that, it will always be trying to select the one that supplies the most benefits, that gives skin everything essential to look wonderful and that is 100% organic, like the Shea Butter regarding Sans Pareil Naturals, an item with 5 fatty acids, vitamin supplements A, At the, F and also K, a great healing strength and versatility to improve the skin.

The Nilotica Shea Butter is much better than that of West Ghana because its natural oils, minerals, and also vitamins not just moisturize but additionally protect your skin layer from serious dryness or perhaps conditions such as eczema. Additionally, shea butter nourishes as well as revitalizes damaged as well as aged skin, restoring lost vitality. One of the attributes of Organic Shea Butter are usually: • It is a creation that does not block the pores of the skin, which means that it is naturally non-comedogenic. • Contains anti-inflammatories that decrease redness, burning or swelling in the pores and skin. • Its high level of vitamin A helps in the production of collagen. Along with fatty acids, nutritional vitamins E and F regarding deep hydration. • It is a normal sunscreen together with SPF protection of 6-10, protecting the skin also from strong wind gusts and polluting the environment. • Contains phenols, organic antioxidant substances. • It can be used in youngsters, babies, expecting mothers, as well as in women and men, which guarantees that it is a 100% natural and safe product. With San Pareil Naturals we have dedicated ourselves in order to providing outstanding skin care products with safe and 100% natural ingredients, and we abide by Fair Trade Shea Butter standards. We promote safe work, we all protect the environment so we encourage towns to create prosperous companies. Using the sale in our products, we all help improve the life of a large community in Far east Africa. Purchase your Sans Pareil Naturals Shea Butter by means of our web site http://sanspareilnaturals.com where we also let you know about it's great benefits and much more.