With the Peashooter hammer accessing the places that cannot be reached with a hammer or that are too high to reach without a ladder is much easier

Those who buy our tools are the avant-garde that, like us, like excellent quality. Our tools are strong, strong and lighter than those of other brands. We offer durability, unique designs, efficient, stable, and safe and we also have affordable prices, because our main mission is to provide tools of excellent quality without costing those more so that it is easier and faster to fulfill your projects.

Among our unbeatable tools we can offer you: -The Big Boy 14 "Worm Drive Beam Saw, the best option to make cuts in the 6x material in a single pass. It has a built-in 75 ° rotating table, ideal for difficult projects. It has a 14 "carbide blade that I could cut 2 x 6 materials in a single pass. - The large 10- ¼ "saw, without a doubt the best blade for 10 ¼" machines able to make perfectly straight cuts and controlled. With this strong saw cut 4x headers, exposed beams for decks, 4 x 4 fence posts and 7 sheets of ½ "plywood is very easy. - The Big Foot Pea Shooter, a tool cannot miss any carpenter who does pick-up work in frame work. peashooter hammer is able to access places that cannot be reached with a hammer or that are too high to reach without a ladder to flush the heads of the nails. The Peashooter nail driver is simple, just slip the end of the Peashooter nails over the nail head and hit the sliding hammer until it is flush with the head. - SKILSAW adapter kit of 10 ¼ ", originally created for the Skil® screw saws, and still come with complete installation instructions, which will only take 15 minutes or less to install on your SKILSAW® DE 7- ¼ " If you want to see in more detail how to make a peashooter or any other tool management, we invite you to access our website http://bigfootsaws.com/.